Solid Wood Hang Bars

For clients that do not want metal hang bars, we offer a solid wood option. Our wood hang bars cannot handle the same amount of weight as our metal hang bars. Therefore our wood hang bar option is limited to 36"wide. If you have a 42" or 48"wide frame, you can only use our standard metal bars for those wider sizes. Call for more details.


Note: Solid wood support rails (2) come in any of our 9 finish options. Solid wood bar ONLY comes unfinished.

Set includes 2 modular solid wood rail supports and one solid wood hang bar at 1 3/16"diameter
NOTE: wood hang bar ONLY comes unfinished.
Support rails come in all 9 finish options.
18"wide 24"wide
Unfinished Price: Unfinished Price:
$xxx $xxx
# LWHR-1518-** # LWHR-1524-**
Choose from 9 Finish Options
Choose from 9 Finish Options
30"wide 32"wide 36"wide
Unfinished Price: Unfinished Price: Unfinished Price:
$xxx $xxx $xxx
# LWHR-1530-** # LWHR-1532-** # LWHR-1536-**
Choose from 9 Finish Options
Choose from 9 Finish Options
Choose from 9 Finish Options





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Coming Soon





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