Both Open Ends One Open, One Closed End Both Closed Ends Open End Closed End
A 24"frame would be 25 1/4" A 24"frame would be 25 7/8" A 24"frame would be 26 3/8" A 24"frame would be 24" A 24"frame would be 24 1/2"

Note: Our closed end frames use a thicker upright. Open uprights are approximately 1 3/8"thick while Closed uprights are just over a half inch thicker at 1 7/8".
All sizes are approximate within 1/16" to 1/8"


Easy to Understand Summary:
For ANY run of Lundia OPEN FRAME Shelving, simply add 1 1/4" to the overall width. For example, a 48"wide unit by itself will actually be 49 1/4"wide. 3 sections of 42"wide units will actually be 127 1/4"wide (42" x 3 = 126" + 1 1/4" = 127 1/4").
This is ONLY when using all open frames. Any closed uprights will add more width (See details above)
For detailed measuring information, see all our notes and images below....
Very IMPORTANT....these dimensions are generally accurate within an 1/8"...use these dimensions as a guideline. We cannot guarantee absolute critical dimensions:


Shelving widths are measured end to end. When placed inside two uprights the overall shelving section dimension will grow by approximately 5/8" on each side inserted into an upright.
Therefore a 36" shelf can end up being 37 1/4"wide including the thickness of two uprights. When sharing uprights to create side by side units, add approximately 1 1/4" to the length to get your overall dimension.


Shared Uprights:
How our shared uprights work: