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Who says Particle Board is Toxic???
Before you buy a Particle Board Closet, Try this very simple exercise....
"Google".... "Does formaldehyde cause cancer?"
"Google".... "Does particle board contain formaldehyde?"

We can still ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and more for an added cost. We can work with you on getting special discounted shipping rates outside of the Continental U.S.

Solid Wood in our Gray Wash Finish Solid Wood in our Gray Wash Finish

Solid Wood in our Painted White Finish Solid Wood Reach In Closet in White

YES, this is REAL SOLID WOOD. Absolutely NO particle board, mdf, melamine or engineered wood with formaldehyde.





These are real photos from Particle Board, MDF and Melamine Manufacturing Plants

Compare materials used by top closet manufacturers...



Did you know??  If you are purchasing particle board closet systems, The California Environmental Protection Agency actually recommends "Leaving it in your garage a few days to let off Formaldehyde Gas emissions before bringing it into your home"  Click here for Link  From 

Particle board is made of thousands of small wood chunks glued together with formaldehyde resin. It's is the least expensive material for making wood products.

Particle Board is the core panel that is used for melamine panels


Melamine is simply particle board or MDF with a printed paper material attached to one or both sides of the particle board. It is the least expensive material for making wood products with a simulated appearance of real wood.

  This is the material used by California Closets, Closets by Design, Closet World, Container World, Ikea, Closet Maid and Home Depot.


MDF is particle board made with extremely fine wood particles instead of wood chunks. The benefit of MDF is that it is stronger than standard particle board and can be routed and/or painted. However, standard MDF contains more formaldehyde as more resin is needed to bond the smaller particles.   This material is commonly used by cabinet makers as a lower cost alternative to plywood and covered with paper melamine, plastic laminate (HPL) or actual wood veneer.


Plywood is several layers or ply's of wood that are all glued together to form a plywood panel. There are numerous quality levels of plywood depending on the material, the amount of layers and the glue used to make the plywood. Glue on standard plywood contains formaldehyde, although not nearly as much as particle board. Glue on Soy Based Plywood is made out of soy bean and contains no formaldehyde.   This is the material used most often by cabinet makers for custom cabinetry. This is typically considered the best material next to solid wood.


We make our Wood Closets from real solid wood cut directly from the tree.

Solid Wood is cut directly from the tree and milled to different thicknesses. It is then surfaced/planed into dimensions prepped for final use....typically made in 3/4", 1", 1 1/4" and 2" thicknesses for cabinet use. The lumber industry describes the thickness of solid wood in "Rough" dimensions after it has been cut in the mill but before it is surfaced smooth into it's final thickness. That is why a 2" x 4" is actually only 1 1/2"thick. It was cut at 2"thick before being surfaced smooth.   This is the material used by Lundia USA (aka SimpleCloset). It requires more skilled labor and much more involved manufacturing processes. A cabinet frame made out of melamine/particle board will have 4 pieces. That same frame made out of solid wood will require 14 separate solid wood parts.



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